by Pussy Factory

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This is the newest song from Austin, TX, based hard rock/alternative metal band Pussy Factory, recorded by Weldon Moehle at Freetail Studios. As Paul wrote in the lyrics, "If we cannot stop now and love each other just as human beings, we’re surely going down."



Check, check, one, two
It’s going down

See...the issue is that there are multiple views in any given situation
Two sides to every story, there is no wrong or right, there is no black and white
It’s all a matter of perspective
Where you’re from, how you were raised, what gods your parents believe in
or if they even believe in god at all
It’s a never ending cycle of love, hate and cruelty that we’re constantly feeding into
If we cannot stop now and love each other just as human beings
We’re surely going down

I walk around the world today
And i do not care for what i see
I’m trying to find some place to say
Why? Is that any way to be?

Down, down, down, down we go
Down, down, down, down the road
Down, down, down, down we go
Down, down, down, down below

We turn our backs to our brothers and sisters on the street and assume to know their situation due the mindless consumption of false media

Ah, ah, ah, ah

We turn away refugees struggling for their lives because we assume they’re a threat to our personal well being

Ah, ah, ah, ah

I say use a little money on love instead of blood
Who are you to decide who lives and who dies?
Who are you? Who am I? Nobody. We’re nothing.
We just need to drop our misconceptions now or we’re surely going down


released October 22, 2016
Written by Pussy Factory, which is Paul Adragna, Konstantin Gurevich, Nathan Sheahan, and Bridget Sheehan.

Recorded by Weldon Moehle at Freetail Productions.



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Pussy Factory Austin, Texas

With a bountiful medley of stylized rock and roll, Austin based quartet Pussy factory brings frantic beats and driving rhythms to their fullest fruition. Feeding off of the bands quirky, yet intelligently varied music tastes, Pussy Factory blends a buffet of genres with the overbearing sound of heavy metal to ensure a deep, diverse, exhilarating experience. ... more

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